Birthdays, Beers, and Bands

The Deli. Norman, OK

This past weekend we took a little jaunt down to Norman, Oklahoma to play with our wonderfully talented friends, Space4Lease at The Deli. Permeated by hues of red and blue green, the room had a dim and dank vibe (reminiscent of our dear Colony bar here at home), which I kinda dug. Dark enough to hide, but not dark enough to disappear.

They had these “plastic cup beers” (think CiCis Pizza), which were like 3 bucks and 30 ounces. Great deal, but I’m going to go ahead and attribute those bad boys as a direct cause of this headache. The bartender, Bill was a really friendly and hospitable guy. I learned that he was something like a 14 year veteran at the bar, but that he had a day job as a photographer of naked women. Woah, not that kind, ya pervert. The artsy kind. I said, “You’ve probably been taking photos for a long time, yeah? I bet you get a ton of work from all the bands that roll through here.”

After a hearty laugh, he responded with, and I’m paraphrasing here, “Oh hell no! I don’t have the patience for that. I’ve tried and I’m like ‘Can you guys all look at me at the same time, for the love of god?’”.

I chuckled and however embarrassed, couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

Tazmen doing the "Nah nah nah nah, hey hey, goodbye" on the Deli Norman stage 8/31/18

We played for an engaged and electric crowd (you know who you are), so it was easy to really get into it. I even dropped to my knees a couple of times. Then Walt Blythe bought me a shot of whiskey and everyone sang happy birthday to me on stage. That memory is going to stick with me until I get dementia and/or Alzheimer’s in a few years. So yeah, thank you for that Norman. You guys rule. We’ll be back soon. You can count on it.

The morning that I’m writing this I woke up on my brother, Ben’s floor, chugged a lot of water, grabbed some coffee, and started to head home, but not before stopping by The Loaded Bowl in OKC for the bombest of the bomb vegan comfort food. They make cheese out of cashews. That’s right. Nut cheese. It’s a lot tastier than it sounds, I promise. Never disappointed. 

The Loaded Bowl. OKC

Finally, with a belly full of bricks Benji and I hit the Mat Hoffman skatepark for an hour or so before heading home. Needless to say probably should have done the food and skateboarding thing in reverse order. My cramps had cramps.

All in all I think it was a successful weekend. I love going around and being vulnerable i.e. playing music in front of people I don’t know. It’s just so much easier for me to do with music than with anything else. I believe being vulnerable is the only way to truly connect with people on a deep, deep level. It’s like opening up to let the soul in while letting it all out, if that makes sense.

Anyway - new songs on the way. The ones we’ve written lately are called “Limbs”, “Before the Storm”, “Highlands” and “Daydreaming”. Have you heard any of these yet? If so which one(s) do you like best and why? Would you like me to talk you through how we wrote each one? Tell me what to write about! Haha really though - I want this to be a two-sided conversation. I love hearing what you all think and I love that we’re in this together. We can’t exist without you. Like a tree falling in the woods, or whatever. Ya dig. Please comment below and let me know how I’m doing/what you would like me to write about next/anything else. I want to know what’s in those beautiful brains of yours. Thanks for listening. Peace.


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